Training & Education

Activity Date/Duration
Training Program "Introduction to Petroleum Geology, Geophysics and Drilling" by Cairn Lanka to university trainers March 22 – 25, 2010
Familiarization Program on "Health, Safety and Environment related to Petroleum Operations" by Cairn Lanka to Safety Engineer , PRDS July 25 to August 05, 2010
Sponsoring a M.Phil Student on a Geophysics Research Project titled “Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies over the Southern Continental Shelf of Sri Lanka” by Cairn Lanka 30 Months /Commencing from September 2010 to March 2013
Sponsorship for the construction of an offshore Oil Rig Model by Cairn Lanka January 2011
Two Days Training Session on "Oil Spill Response information Session" in India by Cairn Lanka to 04 officials government officials June 20-22, 2011
Six weeks Short Summer Internship project opportunities in Oil and Gas Industry by Cairn Lanka to a Postgraduate student, Kelaniya University July 01, 2011 to August 15, 2011
Seminar on " New Business Opportunities related to Oil and Gas Exploration in Sri Lanka" by PRDS jointly with National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka March 14, 2012
Public seminar on " Current Status and future of the oil and gas industry in Sri Lanka" by PRDS jointly with IESL and CPC Sri Lanka March 20, 2012.
Four Days Training Program on "Geophysics for Subsurface Professional" by Cairn Lanka to Geologist, PRDS March 26 -29, 2012
Five Days Training Program "Seismic and sequence stratigraphy for play prediction and basin analysis for the Petroleum Geophysist" conducted in India by Cairn Lanka to Geophysist, PRDS May 7-11, 2012
Two day workshop on " Introductory Course on Modern Petroleum Production Technologies" by PRDS to key stakeholders of the government and industry June 14 - 15, 2012
Awareness program on " Oil spill response equipments and management" by PRDS to government officials June 19, 2012
Three Days Introductory training sessions on " Oil and gas Exploration and Production Techniques" by CINEC with the assistance of PRDS March and July in 2012
One day awareness session on " Petroleum Geology for non Geologists" by PRDS September 11, 2012
Five Days Training Program on " Fundamentals of Log Interpretation" by PRDS to university trainers November 19-23, 2012
Public Lecture organized by IESL-Dr ANS Kulasinghe Memorial Lecture on "Monetization of Reserves - the Path to a Petroleum Economy" by Director General, PRDS October 25, 2012
Presentation on " Global Local Content Development Initiatives in the Oil and Gas Sector and Adaptation to Sri Lanka" by PRDS jointly with IHS Global Inc. November 15, 2012
Assistance for Educational Development Programs - Donation of Hardware required to support the software to University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka by Cairn Lanka December , 2012
Workshop on " Competency Building and Capacity Enhancement in the Emerging Oil and Gas Industry in Sri Lanka" by University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka jointly with PRDS January 07- 08, 2013