YearSeismicGravity Magnetic Wells
19754782 km 2D4782 km4782 km3 exploratory
19762829 km 2D2829 km2829 km2 exploratory
19813078 km 2D3078 km3078 km2 exploratory
1982517 km 2D517 km517 km
1984980 km 2D980 km980 km
20011100 km 2D
20054500 km 2D4500 km4500 km
2009742 km 2D742 km742 km



February 15, 2017
Secretary - Ministry of Petroleum Industries interview on ITN 28-12-2016

February 07, 2017
M2 block tender, licensing plans

January 18, 2017
Sri Lanka Commences Marketing Mannar basin Exploration Block M2

October 26, 2016
RFP on National consultant to formulate a Natural Gas(NG) policy and advise PRDS on related matters

Archived News
Sri Lanka includes natural gas in power planning studies
Cairn India to Make History in Sri Lanka's Petroleum Industry